WORDS AND PHRASES – “ELECTION” – Meaning of “election”


“Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition at page 595, defines election as follows:- “1. The exercise of a choice; especially, the act of choosing from several possible rights or remedies in a way that precludes the use of other rights or remedies… 2. The doctrine by which a person is compelled to choose between accepting a benefit under a legal instrument and retaining some property right to which the person is already entitled; an obligation imposed on a party to choose between alternative rights or claims, so that the party is entitled to enjoy only one …” Per JOHN INYANG OKORO, JSC in FANYAM v. GOV. OF BENUE STATE & ORS (2022-LCER-46523-SC) (Pp 9 – 10; Paras F – B)

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