1. APPEAL - Concurrent findings of fact - Instances where the Supreme Court may interfere with concurrent findings of fact by the Lower Courts. 2. CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE - Forfeiture of bail bond - Principles guiding the grant or refusal of an application for forfeiture of bail bond. 3. CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE - Bail of an accused person - When an accused person jumps bail - What the court should do when an accused person jumps bail. 4. CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE - Liability of a surety after final judgment - Whether or not the liability of a surety terminates or survives the final judgment of the trial court. 5. EVIDENCE - Affidavit Evidence - Whether a trial by affidavit evidence can be conducted without the presence of the deponent to give oral evidence. 6. FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS - Right to fair hearing - The scope and applicability of the right of fair hearing - Whether right to fair hearing applicable to both judicial and quasi-judicial proceedings
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