EVIDENCE – EVIDENCE OF A SINGLE WITNESS – Whether a court can convict on the evidence of a single witness


“…The law is trite that the Court can act on the evidence of a single witness if that witness can be believed given all the surrounding circumstances of the case. Also that one single credible witness can establish a case beyond reasonable doubt. See Akalezi v The State (1993) 2 NWLR (pt 273) 1, Victor v The State (2013) 12 NWLR (pt 1369) 465, Shina Oketaolegun v The State (2015) LPELR – 24836 (SC), Adelumola v State (1988) 1 NWLR (pt 73) 683. In the instant case, at the point the appellant and his co- accused were arrested, a bag was recovered from them and when it was emptied in the presence of PW1 he saw some of his money, his Blackberry Handset and two pistols used by the robbers. This damaging evidence was never controverted during the trial. It is so strong against the appellant. It is credible and positive. Without any evidence from Exhibit A1, it is my view that the evidence PW1 was cogent enough to have convicted the appellant.” Per OKORO, J.S.C. in BEMDOO MINDI v. THE STATE (2020- LCER-39169-SC) at p. 23 – p. 24

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