“Unless the contrary is established by evidence, and there was no evidence called by the respondents, it is trite law that a contract for the sale of shares not readily available in the market such as government stock may be enforced by an order of specific performance – See Duncuft vs. Albrecht 1841 Simon’s Reports, Chancery, Vols 1-17 (1826-1852). As it has been concisely put by the learned authors of Halsbury’s Laws of England, 3rd Edition, Vol. 6 paragraph 430, at page 210, -“Specific performance of an agreement to take and pay for shares or to allot shares may be obtained.” Per IRIKEFE, J.S.C. in AFRICAN CONTINENTAL SEA WAYS V NIGERIA DREDGING ROADS AND GENERAL WORK LTD (1977-LCER-1130-SC) at P. 7, Para. H.

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