APPEAL – INTERFERENCE WITH AWARD OF DAMAGES – Circumstances in which an appellate court will interfere with award of damages made by a trial Court


“An appellate Court can interfere with award of damages where it is convinced either that the lower Court acted upon a wrong principle of law, or that the amount awarded was extremely high or low, such as to make the decision appealed erroneous on the damages the Plaintiff was entitled to: FLINT v. LOVELL (1935) 1 KB 360; ZIK’S PRESS LTD. v. IKOKU (1951) 5 WACA 188; IDAHOSA v. ORASONYE (1959) SCNLR 407; BaLA v. BANKOLE (1986) 3 NWLR (pt. 27) 141; ONAGA v. MICHO & CO. (1961) 1 ALL NLR 236; (1961) 1 SCNLR 101; INYANG v. EBONG (2002) 2 NWLR (pt. 751) 284 at 338.” Per EJEMBI EKO, JSC in BRONWEN ENERGY TRADING LTD. v. OAN OVERSEAS AGENCY (NIG) LTD & ORS (2022-LCER-46529-SC) (Pp 49 – 49; Paras A – C)

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