“It is without disputation that this Court earlier made the application of the doctrine of lis pendens to apply only to suits in which the object is to recover or assert title to a specific property; the property however, must be real property, for the doctrine has no application to personal property. See BARCLAYS BANK OF NIGERIA LTD. V. ALHAJI ASHIRU (1978) 6-7 SC. 99 AT PAGE 128 and MATTHEW OKECHUKWU ENEKWE v. INTERNATIONAL MERCHANT BANK OF NIGERIA LIMITED. & ORS (2006) LPELR-1140(SC)(Pp. 21 paras. E) respectively.” Per UWANI MUSA ABBA AJI, JSC in NIDB & ANOR v. KAN BISCUITS CO. LTD (2022-LCER-46534-SC) (Pp 5 – 6; Paras E – A)

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