PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE – APPLICATION FOR ADJOURNMENT – Effect of an application for adjournment that has no backing of law


“Mrs. Ngozi Ekwensi, in the application for adjournment appeared to suggest that her application had no backing of law, particularly the Criminal Procedure Act. An application that has no backing of law would ordinarily seem or appear to be an abuse of Court’s process: R-BENKAY (NIG.) LTD. v. CADBURY (NIG.) LTD. (2012) 3 SC. (pt. 3) 169; (2012) 9 NWLR (pt. 1306) 596.” per EKO, J.S.C. in NWEKE CHIBUEZE FRANCIS v. FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA (2020- LCER-39157-SC) at p. 4

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