LEGAL PRACTITIONER – Duty of Counsel to ensure due diligence in representing his client


“… because the conviction and sentence of the Appellant for culpable homicide punishable with death under section 221 of Penal Court is still valid and subsisting, the Appellant will still have to keep a date with the hangs man, his success on appeal before us is therefore academic and of no moment. I totally agree and adopt the Judgment as my own have nothing extra to add, except to stress that, Counsel representing litigants especially in serious cases like the one involving the Appellant need to pay particular attention, and come all out to put in their best for the Appellant, not just file an appeal on behalf of the Appellant, however worthless the appeal may turn out to be against the Appellant, I am not impressed with the learned Counsel for the Appellant.Per TIJJANI ABUBAKAR, JSC in AKEEM ABIODUN V. THE STATE (2022-LCER-46641-SC) at P. 28; Paras. A-F.

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