JURISDICTION – TERRITORIAL JURISDICTION – When will a Court have territorial jurisdiction to hear and determine a case


“In determining whether a trial Court had territorial jurisdiction to hear and determine the case, the issue of venue is to be determined by the trial Court which should ascertain the identity the offence(s) charged and the elements of the offences as contained in the proof of evidence with a view to ascertaining whether any of the acts constituting the offence occurred in a particular place. See Nyame v. FRN (2010) All FWLR (Pt. 527) 618; Joshua Chibi Dariye v. The FRN (2015) LPELR – 244398(SC). As clearly indicated in the charge and also as revealed in the proof of evidence, the offence was committed in Okene, Kogi State, hence the High Court of Kogi State (i.e. the trial Court) had rightly assumed Jurisdiction to hear and determine the offence. It is also worthy of note from the evidence adduced in the case, that Okpella is on the boundary of Edo and Kogi States. In a nutshell the Court of Appeal/lower Court was correct when it held that Kogi State High Court (the trial Court) had jurisdiction to hear and determine the case.” per SANUSI, J.S.C. in BULUS GOLIT v. INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE (2020-LCER-39158-SC) at p. 14

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