JUDGMENT AND ORDER – ERROR/MISTAKE IN JUDGMENT – Whether every error/mistake/slip in a judgment will result in a judgment being set aside


“It must however be borne in mind that it is not every ship or error by a lower Court that will lead to a reversal of the lower Court’s decision unless the findings of the said Court are not supported by oral and documentary evidence on record. See AKINWATA OGBOGU MBANEFO VS. NWAKAIBE MOLOKWU & ORS (2014) 4 SCM 159 at 183 A – H per PETER ODILI, J.S.C.” Per IGE, J.C.A. in APC & ANOR v. OBASEKI & ORS (2021-LCER-40451-CA) (Pp 52 – 53 Paras F – A)

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