EVIDENCE – PROOF OF TITLE TO LAND – Ways by which ownership/title to land may be proved; whether a plaintiff needs to prove all the five ways


“In an action for declaration of title, the claimant may rely on any of the following methods to establish his case: 1. By traditional evidence. 2. By production of documents of title duly authenticated and executed. 3. By acts of ownership extending over a sufficient length of time, numerous and positive enough as to warrant the inference of true ownership. 4. By acts of long possession and enjoyment. 5. By acts of possession of connected or adjacent land in circumstances rendering it probable that the owner of such adjacent or connected land would in addition be the owner of the land in dispute. See: Idundun Vs Okumagba (1976) 9-10 SC 227 @ 246: Nkado VS Obiano (1997) 5 SCNJ 33 @ 47: Owhonda vs Ekpechi (2003) 9-11 SCJ 1 @ 6; Arije vs Arije (2018) LPELR-4419 SC @ 34 B-G.” Per KUDIRAT MOTONMORI OLATOKUNBO KEKERE-EKUN, JSC in REG. TRUSTEES OF APOSTOLIC CHURCH OF CHRIST v. REG. TRUSTEES OF GRACE CHURCH OF CHRIST (2021-LCER-40497-SC) (Pp 18 – 19; Paras E – C)

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