EVIDENCE – CONFESSIONAL STATEMENT – Whether a confessional statement becomes inadmissible because an accused person retracted or denied making it


“…This point of a resiled statement by an accused person is well settled in law as it does not affect the admissibility of the document though the need for some corroborative evidence would be desirable in the use of it to secure a conviction. I place reliance on Ejinima v State (1991) LPELR – 1067 (SC); Bouwor v State (2016) LPELR – 26054 (SC): Lanre v State (2018) LPELR – 45156 (SC); Obineche & Ors. V Akusobi & Ors. (2010) LPELR – 2178 (SC); Kamila v State (2018) LPELR – 43603 (SC).” Per OKORO, J.S.C. in BEMDOO MINDI v. THE STATE (2020- LCER-39169-SC) at p. 42 – p. 43

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