CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE – OFFENCE OF CONSPIRACY – Circumstance that would make a party guilty of the offence of conspiracy


“In the instant case, the appellant’s attitudinal dispositions and actions along with the other accused persons, as described by PW1, established the fact that there was a pre-conceived plan between them to execute the act of armed robbery on the said day of the incident. They need not have been picked up at the same place or at the same time to show that there was common intention to prosecute the unlawful purpose, Adesujo Akinkunmi and Ors v State (1987) LPELR – 347 (SC); Okosi v State (1989) ANLR 170; D. A. Guobadia, Criminal Justice Administration, Vol. 1 (Lagos: NIALS, 2008) 464 – 465. With the above scenario in mind, I am of the firm view that the appellant was rightly convicted for the offence of conspiracy.” Per CHIMA CENTUS NWEZE, JSC in AKINKUNMI v. STATE (2022-LCER-46533-SC) (Pp 27 – 27; Paras C – F)

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