CONTRACT – Contract of Employment – Reasonable notice – Need to be determined based on each case – Circumstances to be considered when determining:


What is reasonable notice must vary with facts of each given case; and in determining what amounts to reasonable notice regard must be taken of the circumstances and type of employment, local, professional or trade customs; and, generally, decided cases can only be looked upon as guides for they do not, in the circumstances, lay down any rule of law. The cases of Gabertini v. Waller (1947) 1 All ER 746 and Davson v. France (1959) 109 LJ 526 show that in the circumstances of these cases and the facts therein received in evidence, professionals (theatrical performers in the one case and, in the other, musicians not employed for a fixed term) and their respective service employments terminated in each case with two weeks’ notice.” Per IDIGBE, J.S.C. in OLAYINKA KUSAMOTU V. WEMABOD ESTATE LIMITED (1976-LCER-1104-SC) at P. 7, Para. E.

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