The only shipping name contained in the exhibit is that of the 1st defendant and indeed the only contracting parties disclosed in the exhibit are the plaintiff and the 1st defendants. It is settled law that when a person makes a contract in his own name, without disclosing either the name or the existence of a principal, he is personally liable on the contract to the other contracting party, even though he may be in fact acting on a principal’s behalf; see Collings v. Associated Greyhound Race Ltd. (1930) 1 Ch. D. 1 as per Lord Hanworth, MR at p.32. See also Halbury’s Laws of England (4th Edition) Vol. 1 para. 853. Exhibit B clearly puts the 1st defendant forward as the principal contracting party in this case. No one else has been represented as the carrier or bailee of the goods. Per ESO, J.S.C. in WEST AFRICAN SHIPPING AGENCY (NIG.) LTD V. ALHAJI MUSA KALLA (1978-LCER-1756-SC) at P. 6, Para. D.

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