CASE LAW – FACTUAL DISTINCTIONS IN CASES – Need to consider and determine each case or matter on its peculiar facts and circumstances


“…it must be borne in mind always, that each case must be considered on its own particular or peculiar facts or circumstances. No one case is identical with the other or another. They may be similar, but never identical. This is so, as it is settled that a decision is only an authority for what it decides and nothing more. See: Skye Bank v. Akinpelu (2010) LPELR-3072SC; Admin. & Exec. of the Estate of Abacha v. Eke-Spiff & Ors (2009) LPELR-3152 SC.” Per ABDU ABOKI, JSC in OKEKE v. UWAECHINA (2022-LCER-46525-SC) (Pp 13 – 13; Paras C – E)

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