APPEAL – UNAPPEALED FINDING(S)/DECISION(S) – Effect of unappealed finding(s)/decision(s) of court


“It is elementary that where a finding in the judgment of the Court being reviewed has not been appealed against, the Appellant is deemed to have admitted such a finding and this Court is perfectly entitled to rely on the finding in its decision. See: FBN v. Ozokwere (2013) LPELR 21897 (SC), Durbar Hotel Plc v. ltyough & Ors (2016) LPELR-42560 (SC).” Per ABDU ABOKI, JSC in STANLEY OSSAI v. PEOPLE OF LAGOS STATE (2022-LCER-46530-SC) (Pp 19 – 19; Paras C – E)

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