APPEAL – LEAVE OF COURT/LEAVE TO APPEAL – Effect of failure to seek leave of Court to file grounds of mixed law and facts


“On the Cross Appeal, for failure to fulfil the condition precedent for the validity of the grounds contained thereon, which involve or raise questions of mixed law and facts, as prescribed under the provisions of Section 233 (3) of the Constitution, the Notice of Cross-Appeal is incompetent and I join in striking it out. See Maihoro v. Garba (1999) 7 SCNJ, 270. Ohiwele v. Lagos State Dev. Prop. corp. (1983) 5 SC, 1 Olojuon v. Oziona (1985) 2 NWLR (pt. 6) 167, Ogbechie v. Onocha (1986) 2 NWLR (pt. 23) 484.” Per MOHAMMED LAWAL GARBA, JSC in BRONWEN ENERGY TRADING LTD. v. OAN OVERSEAS AGENCY (NIG) LTD & ORS (2022-LCER-46529-SC) (Pp 52 – 52; Paras A – B)

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