APPEAL – INTERFERENCE WITH CONCURRENT FINDING(S) OF FACT(S) – Instances where the Supreme Court will not interfere with concurrent findings of fact(s) made by Lower Courts


“Given the scenario earlier detailed in this judgment with particular reference to party’s pleadings, and evidence, the concession in the Appellants’ brief as well as the judgment of the trial Court as affirmed by the lower Court, I cannot but agree and in fact endorse the decisions of the two lower Courts having found them not perverse or against any principle of law. See CHIEF ADEBISI ADEGBUYI V. ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS (APC) (2014) LPELR 24214 (SC), CHIEF (DR) O. FAJEMIROKUN V. COMMERCIAL BANK NIG. LTD (2009) 2-3 SC (PT 1) 26, IGBA V. STATE (2018) 6 NWLR (PT. 1614) PG.67, ELEMECHUKWU IBATOR & ORS V. CHIEF BELI BARAKURO & ORS (2007) LPELR-1384 (SC).” Per SAMUEL CHUKWUDUMEBI OSEJI, JSC in ABDULLAHI & ORS v. EL-RUFAI & ORS (2021-LCER-40454-SC) (Pp 17 – 17 Paras A – D)

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