“The Notice of Cross-Appeal was filed on 9th March, 2015 challenging the decision handed down by the lower Court on 9th December, 2014. The period from 9th December, 2014 to 9th March, 2015 is 92 days. Since Section 27(2)(a) of the Supreme Court Act, 2004 enjoins the cross-appellant to file his appeal within 3 months (or 90 days) from the date of the decision complained about; the Notice of Cross-Appeal, filed 92 days from the date of the decision appealed, is clearly invalid and incompetent haven been filed out of time. The said Notice of Cross-Appeal, filed on 9th March, 2015 being incompetent, is hereby struck out.” Per EJEMBI EKO, JSC in BRONWEN ENERGY TRADING LTD. v. OAN OVERSEAS AGENCY (NIG) LTD & ORS (2022-LCER-46529-SC) (Pp 46 – 46; Paras C – E)

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